30-second video on the rally! 

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(Click here and turn on speakers to hear radio comment by journalist Lyra Halprin on No More Broken Hearts rally)

WE get email...

you know, i thought there were more, but 300 war protesters in manhattan beach?    fanfuckin'tabulous!

Congratulations on the coverage, the turnout, and the message that I think the group conveyed in a peaceful and meaningful way to a lot of folks traversing Sepulveda and Manhattan Beach Blvd. 

Sunday's peace rally was an exhilarating event. It was really gratifying to see a dramatic show of support from the community, and I was thrilled to see so many children and teenagers in attendance. Hopefully, they will become a part of the social conscience of tomorrow.
As the Bush administration escalates involvement in Iraq and begins beating its war-drums against Iran, America needs people like yourself more than ever. Keep up the good work!

thank you for the forum. It felt so positive and empowering to be a part of this day after feeling so angry, powerless and disenfranchised.
Thank you!

I am writing to congratulate you on organizing an effective and heartwarming demonstration against the killing and dying in Iraq. My 15 year old granddaughter and a friend went with me and my husband, and our young people were really happy with the event. They enjoyed demonstrating at the corner of Sepulveda with about 40 other teenagers, and liked the speeches and the music. We were pleased that so many autos honked their approval of our support of our soldiers. Bringing them home is the best support we can offer. Thank you again for the colorful and well-organized event that brought our important message to so many people!

Thanks for inviting me in to speak at your gathering on Sunday.  I couldn't make the march but it looked well organized and with good spirit!    In any of your members know teachers, we would love to come into their classroom to talk about our experience in war and the peaceful resolution of conflict - something the text books leave out.
. Thanks again!  Ed Ellis Veterans for Peace

Many thanks for organizing this terrific event!  It was inspiring!

You created a wonderful event on Sunday.  Your signs and heart garlands were a great success today in Pasadena at Schiffs office.  I gave your group credit for them when asked by the media. I have collected them and we will use them again tomorrow and Wednesday. And then again next week for Waxman. 

Congratulations on a great job coordinating the march yesterday...definitely the most colorful one ever!!

Congratulations it was an uplifting experience.    What's next?