30-second video on the rally! 

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(Click here and turn on speakers to hear radio comment by journalist Lyra Halprin on No More Broken Hearts rally)

We are April, Bill, Jane and Tom-- 

ACK!  Our expenses are mounting...!


amplified sound permit                                 $180

lumber for signs and sand paper                   $106

200 signs                                                     $255

gazebo rental @ $15 per hour (11-3 pm)       $ 60

event insurance                                            $784

orange vests for crowd monitors                  $ 70

banner backdrop with our logo                    $200



plus duct tape, postal tape...and all that pizza! 




So...if you want to stick a few bucks in the mail, that would be wonderful!

We'll cover our expenses and we'll send the rest to Peace Action West (www.peaceactionwest.org)

Make out checks to:
April Wayland

1097 Aviation Blvd

Hermosa Beach, CA 90254


Note: since we are not a formal organization, this is not a tax-deductible donation.

And thank you very, very much.