30-second video on the 2007 rally! 

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Welcome to Our Peace Team
(Click here and turn on speakers to hear radio comment by journalist Lyra Halprin about our 2-11-07 No More Broken Hearts rally)

We are April, Bill, Jane and Tom-- 

a group of friends (and scores of volunteers)

working for peace.

(Or, as Gary says, we're saving the world one email at a time.)


We are so glad that Hal Hurst and Friends are putting on the following:

Wednesday March 19, 2008
5-7 PM

A South Bay Demonstration
Against the War
Wednesday March 19, 2008
5-7 PM

The 5th anniversary of the War in Iraq

In Memorial
for over
4,000 soldiers
90,000 Civilians

Killed in Iraq

Bring your own signs and Banners, or just come and Stand with Us

Corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Pier Streets
On the grass of the Hermosa Community Center

Parking available behind the center.




...was SPECTACULAR!  As was the weather!

THANKS TO ALL WHO: cut out hearts, wrote names and ages of the fallen on them, bought the cord, strung the hearts, spray painted our broken heart logo on signs, made the signs (with those smelly markers!), sanded wood stakes, staple-gunned 200 stakes to 200 signs (twice!), passed out flyers, emailed, faxed and phoned the press, email-blasted friends, met with the city, rehearsed the music, brought friends to the rally, donated water, donated pens, came early to pitch in, picked up a sign, joined the march, waved to passing cars, sent us photos, sound and videos, and stayed to clean up.  Whew!

We'll be posting press coverage of the rally here as it comes in.


The No More Broken Hearts Club Band: Terry Scott, Bill Ungar, Michael Pliskin, Kaye Reznick and Anita Zuckerman                                                  Photo by Matt Pliskin

Did I tell you about the hearts?  45+ volunteers cut out 3,000 red hearts and wrote the name and age of one U.S. fallen soldier on each heart (see photos).

If all the hearts were strung together they'd reach 1/2 mile.

How much longer will this string of hearts get?
ENOUGH.  Our hearts are breaking.


My Crayons >  > Pizza for Peace & Vigil for 3000th war dead 1-4-07 photo    My Crayons >  > Pizza for Peace & Vigil for 3000th war dead 1-4-07 photo

Pizza for Peace & Vigil for 3000th war dead 1-4-07 photo  Pizza for Peace & Vigil for 3000th war dead 1-4-07 photo

see all of the photos from our 1-3-07 Pizza for Peace work party and the 1-4-07 candlelight vigil at the Manhattan Beach pier


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